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I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness
the astounding light of your own being. 


Laura Humpf is a Mental Health Therapist specializing in Yoga Therapy and Thai Yoga Bodywork, inspired by Thai Massage.  She works in partnership with individuals who find that talking about particular challenges is not enough. She helps people learn to embody all aspects of themselves and unlock the body’s wisdom for healing.  She looks forward to working with you!

Satmato is a sanskrit word meaning ‘absorption into essence.’ The practice of Yoga believes that all beings are perfect and whole. When we find this essence of wholeness and perfection we can experience deeper healing. When we listen to our own wisdom we can find freedom.




  • "I have taken several classes from Laura. She is a superb teacher. She knows so much about yoga, from the mechanics of the poses to the philosophy to the layers in between - and she knows how to communicate at each level. I appreciate her honesty in sharing things that are happening in her own life and how yoga teachings help her understand challenges. I experience her as welcoming, warm, calm, and deeply accepting of each student. She also has a lightness about her that I enjoy. I have gained so much from her classes, not the least of which is a feeling of well-being and wholeness. I look forward to more opportunities to learn from her."

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