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  • "Can I say thank you? I know I say it as I leave almost every class, but I want to say it for real - your classes are so sweet and spacious and safe. Having a place like that where I can move my body is a first for me, and its an incredible gift. A few months ago, when we were working on Bird of Paradise, you told me to trust my body. I realized that I was still living this very old belief that my body is not a thing to be trusted. And something shifted (is shifting still). Suddenly trusting my body feels like a real thing, a thing that is possible. It stopped being an idea I could just slap on top of the aversion/disassociation I was actually feeling. And while I know it's my own wisdom shining through, you pointed the way. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope you know that you are good at this in an ultimate, heart-of-the-heart-of-it kind of way."

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